Incommun was born fifteen years ago as an architecture studio. Its name, Incommun, wanted to highlight the importance of collaborative work, an essential collaboration in the world of design and construction, where many actors end up working on the same project.

Today this collaboration extends between Spain and France and includes, in addition to architecture projects, interior decoration projects, cultural mediation and illustration. In order to carry out all these works, the artist Aurelio Ayela and the versatile Su Lleó join the team.

Incommun is now an interdisciplinary studio, a singular studio linked to art, letters and architecture, an in-commun studio in the double sense: we work with you, in common, from different fields, something that, until now, was little common.

Thanks to everyone who has made this project possible, especially George, who has been at the bottom of the barrel from the beginning.

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Aurelio Ayela

visual artist, designer and illustrator

Aurelio Ayela, visual artist, designer and illustrator. In 2010 he was included in A Thousand Living Painters, a selection made by the Verfhond Art Initiative, an international association of collectors, artists and writers that conducts a biannual study of the world’s most interesting painters. From Juan Gil-Albert Institute of Culture, Alicante, Spain. His work is represented in important public and private collections and has been exhibited in leading international galleries and fairs.


Elena Roig Cardona

architect with a Degree in Humanities

Teaching at the University Lyon 2 (France), Elena continues her work as a freelance architect both in Spain and France, as well as collaborating as an illustrator, and cutural mediator.

Since 2017 she has been a member of the research group ECLLA (Études du Contemporain en Littératures, Langues et Arts) at the Universidad Jean Monnet in Saint-Étienne.


Su Lleó


Su Lleó


Following her experience in London as a Street Artist, she entered the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, where she graduated in the specialty of drawing and painting. As a teacher and artist, she has been working at that point where creation and education meet. She worked as a Design Manager at Mutatis Mutandi (2008-2016), developing a new and radical concept of clothing, set within a framework of ecological awareness and sustainability. A voracious reader and book lover, she has translated various literary and philosophical works. At the same time, she has been heavily involved in organizing and participating in numerous Plastic Arts workshops, oriented both to the development of perception and the excellence of representation. Since 2018 she has been part of the Barreira teaching team in the areas of Fashion and Graphic Design.


what do we do



Rehabilitation projects and new plant. Calculation of structures, drafting of housing projects and interior design.


cultural mediation

Educational projects related to art, architecture and literature in educational centers, as well as in museums and cultural centers ...


Art exhibitions

Organization of cultural events and exhibitions, the study, classification and revaluation of artistic and architectural heritage, talks and conferences on contemporary art and architecture.


interior design

Interior design with the participation of Jacqueline Cujo and Elena Roig, founding member of Incommun.



Illustrations for magazines and games, for text and popular books and for children's albums. Decoration of children's classrooms and youth spaces.


social projects

Incommun mediation is also involved in the social sphere with projects for education and housing.




projects &


Cultural mediation




Carlota WASHINGTON was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1984.

Born to a Spanish mother and an American father, her passion for  languages soon led her to learn her favorite language: French. Her eagerness for adventure, as well as her incombustible imagination, lead her to devour, from a very young age, 20th century literature in OV, that is, in any of the three languages that she masters with great ease. After her studies in comparative literature at Columbia University, she, Carlota, settles in the north of France, where she has lived and worked for some years now.

This intrepid teacher and essayist joins, through her writing, the Incommunstudio team through the NO-END WORDS blog.

We hope you like it!

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ÉBOLI by Carlota Washington Creo que despertaba cuando se descubren las primeras sombras de la mañana, con un bostezo pausado y sin compromiso. Entonces el rojo, negro y blanco de su pelo amanecía con ella, desplegándose en un instante, para acompañarla después en ese desperezo desproporcionado que imitaba en su

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PESSOA by Carlota Washington La noche le sorprendió a la intemperie. No era habitual para Pessoa estar hasta esas horas todavía atareado pero últimamente andaba un poco despistado. Al notar que la luz del día ya escaseaba detuvo su tarea y levantó la vista hacia el horizonte. Las copas de

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A STRANGER ON MARS by Carlota Washington Estaba guapísimo con ese jersey a rayas negras y blancas de cuello barca. Derretía hasta el asfalto a su paso, y eso que era noviembre y hacía un frío de narices. Estaba de lo más apetecible y arrebatador. Lo peor es que yo

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“I am Odysseus, the son of Laertes, who is on the lips of all men for all manner of traps, and my fame reaches to heaven. I live in Ithaca, beautiful at sunset. There is in it a mountain, the Nérito with agitated foliage, very outstanding, and around it there are many inhabited islands close to each other, Duliquio and Same, and the one populated by Zante forests. Ithaca leans on the sea with little height, the most remote towards the West, and the others are further away, towards Eos and Helios. She is rough, but a good groomer.”