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Taking full advantage of the individual experiences of Su, Aurelio and Elena in terms of cultural projects, Incommun is now committed to offering exhibition curator services. Incommun can undertake educational projects related with art, architecture and literature in educational centers (infant, primary and secondary education), as well as in museums and offer services to public and private bodies for organizing cultural events and exhibitions, as well as projects for the classification and enhancement of artistic and architectural heritage, and talks and conferences on contemporary art and architecture.


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cultural mediation

Educational projects linked to art, architecture and literature.


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Dialogues is an exhibition project with various satellites, demonstrations and activities that revolve around the work of Bobby Dowler and David Malek, two very influential artists in Europe and the United States who are yet to be discovered in Spain. Both work abstract painting, although their differences in the creative process have led us to confront them in a dialogue and the same space.

This exhibition project aims to create a broad dialogue on abstraction in art and design through urban interventions, workshops, exhibitions, conferences and a documentary video.



Collaboration in the educational mediation project for the Maison de l’Architecture in Poitiers, France.


ROBOTS with the IES Jorge Juan de Alicante For MACA

Educational project for MACA with IES Jorge Juan “ARE WE ALREADY ROBOTS OR DOES THE FUNCTION START?”.

The Menuts veïns program asked the students to work from the plastic work of Juana Francés that deals with the relationship of the human being with technology. The project coordinated the work of the museum’s didactic team with the proposals that were collected from different areas of the institute’s teaching staff as well as the individual initiative of the students themselves and the collaboration of Aurelio Ayela throughout the process.
The robots were built by recycling cosmetic packaging and beauty accessories.
It relates, from gender stereotypes, the robotic aesthetics of the TRANSFORMERS animation series with the hig-tech appearance of the most advanced cosmetics, which has commonly used the same name to refer to product lines that promised to ‘transform’ their customers. .
It also works as an allusion to how digital selfie retouching programs are conditioning self-image as a contemporary form of the narcissistic reflex that acquires the category of virtual fantasy of aesthetic homologation on social networks.
Or the fetishization of identity through the gesture and the communicative screen that replaces it.


Wild recycling workshop for the MUA

Art and recycling workshop around the works of the EAC 2021 awards.

When we talk about recycling objects that we were going to throw away, it is usually to refer to giving them a new practical use. This art and recycling workshop focuses on those common objects that we call disposables (especially single-use containers), to give them a much more unlimited and free destination: turning disposable objects into disposable art. From the game and the most spontaneous DIY, we will direct our creativity towards the reinterpretation of the themes and poetics of those works of the EAC 2021 awards with which we connect the most. Workshop aimed at all audiences.